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  1. Travelling again!

    BRP Central have just been backed up. Leaving for 3 weeks in Thailand tomorrow, hopefully there'll be no hickups in my absence. Been way to inactive here lately due to work, but plan to get more active again. I'll be at Eternal, Continuum and Kraken this year. Hope to see some of you fine people there!

  2. Dark moon Chronicles- setting- LF-GM'S AND PLAYERS

    by , September 15th, 2013 at 16:15 (Dark moon Chronicles- setting and info)
    Dark moon Chronicles- setting and info

    here I well post my writings- some very rough of the Dark Moon setting - Chronology and story as well as setting information-
    The Dark Moon Chronicles are an alternate present and future of the end time as it where but more so about humanities struggle to carrie on.
    some part are cross overs - with heavy game flavor of normal but adventures coming from our present time to help save the race of Man kine of Menikine as there called ...
  3. About Pacific Rim (ITA)

    Ebbene si, ho visto anche io Pacific Rim. E posso prendere finalmente posizione pro o contro il film.

    E mi schiero decisamente con coloro a cui il film PIACIUTO.

    Analizziamo brevemente alcuni punti che sono stati criticati.

    La recitazione e il tono del film sono volutamente sopra le righe, non c dubbio, ma non sono pi sopra ...

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  4. Glorantha forum

    Took a while, but now all the products currently available in electronic format or in print for Glorantha have been giver their own thread in the Glorantha forum and the publication list has been updated. If you know of any I've missed, tip me! By the way, the Glorantha forum needs its own banner on top. Anyone who know of some appropriate art to use? I've considered doing one with glorantha books side by side, but that's sort of boring and would break with the banners on the other top forums. So, ...
  5. BRP Central Changes

    Hello all hive members!

    BRP Central once again sees a spurt of activity from the beetle breeder. The forum software has just been updated to the latest version, software that makes the URL more SEO friendly have been bought and added and the forum structure have seen a reorganization, with more forums where their activity determines their visibility. So far it looks like we've avoided the big bugs we had with the last big upgrade.

    Furture plans include a facebook application ...
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