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  1. Les Chimériades

    Just at Marseilles airport, waiting for my long flight home after a very pleasant few days at Chimériades.

    I flew in on Friday morning, having set off at 2300 Thursday night to find that my mobile phone had no roaming set up - Thanks Virgin! Eventually I got my lift sorted out and got to Andrew's house where we looked at figures and I met Steve, the modeller. We talked for a while, took a last minute look at the rules, prepared a game board for the con and had a lovely meal. Eventually, ...
  2. Gloranthan Miniature Skirmish Playtest

    I spent yesterday looking at Mad Knight’s new range of Gloranthan figures and playtesting a set of Skirmish Rules to go with them. They are very impressive figures, harking back to the best of the Citadel figures from RuneQuest’s hey-day.

    We played using broos and trolls, as they were the painted ranges and swept through a Sun County village with devastating results. The sides seemed fairly evenly matched, with the trolls having more figures, half of which were trollkin. We ended up ...
  3. Getting Better

    The article for Birchbark Chronicles made its way across the Atlantic where Mark Galleotti is going to chop it up and put it through a blender to make it fit with his other articles, so that's one down.

    Merrie England is, after a host of rewrites and additions, almost ready to be published. I remember why I prefer to write things for a website rather than for other people - it's a lot, lot easier. Still, I have ideas for a couple of follow-ups for Merrie England and should have them ...

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  4. So Much to Do, So Little Time ...

    Hiya All

    I'm looking at what I want to do RPG-wise and I know I haven't time to do anywhere near as much as I'd like.

    Close to home, I have a RQ Campaign set in Third Age Pavis/Prax that is in danger of stalling unless I can find something to inspire me.

    I am working on an article for the Birchbark Chronicles for Mythic Russia that I haven't looked at for a couple of months.

    A long-term project is the mapping of Prax/The Holy Country/Dagori ...

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