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GORE The GORE RPG system. Here you'll find the newest version of GORE from Goblinoid Games, together with a character sheet for the GORE setting Berlin '61. 12
Alternate rules A category for all the spot rules, alternate rules and rules add-ons for BRP. Contains alternate rules for combat, injury and skills, wild dice rules, vehicle rules and rules for legendary quests. 20
GM Resources More resources for the gamemaster. Contains a larger list of weapons and a d1000 special feature table. 31
Character sheets Various character sheets for Basic Roleplaying. Contains generic, fantasy, modern & sci-fi character sheets. 42

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BRP PDF and Soft/Hardcover Errata Pinned File BRP PDF and Soft/Hardcover Errata : All errata I found over the last 4 years are included in this PDF file. One version you can print o ... [more] (742.3 KB) June 7th, 2012 171 0
BRP Wrestling World BRP Wrestling World : Watcha gonna do when BRP runs wild on you?!? I was intrigued by the many uses of Grapple in the BGB, ... [more] (25.1 KB) January 29th, 2014 50 0
Special Success Cheat Sheet Special Success Cheat Sheet : Here is a special-success chart I made to help with running BRP games. (23.3 KB) December 2nd, 2013 55 0
List of D100 Games List of D100 Games :  (141.0 KB) September 3rd, 2012 172 0
BRP Hard Cover errata BRP Hard Cover errata : BRP Hard Cover errata. I think I got this from Chaosium. (2.93 MB) June 7th, 2012 113 1
Alcohol in Legend Alcohol in Legend : I'm throwing together a detailed set of rules for handling Alcohol in Legend. I'm trying to base ... [more] (158.7 KB) May 7th, 2012 137 0
d20 to  BRP Conversion d20 to BRP Conversion : This is a d20 to BRP Conversion document I cobbled together a while ago. It is based on an earlier ... [more] (614.4 KB) December 26th, 2011 597 2
Critical, Special Success & Fumble Table Critical, Special Success & Fumble Table : Here's a table that shows the critical and special successes as well as the fumbles related to the s ... [more] (34.3 KB) June 16th, 2011 232 0
Vitruvian's Clarifications & Extrapolations_Casual Vitruvian's Clarifications & Extrapolations_Casual : On the Resistance Table characters can lift up to an amount of SIZ equal to their STR -10 with an au ... [more] (1.93 MB) June 11th, 2011 99 0
Vitruvian's Clarifications & Extrapolations_SIZ Ki Vitruvian's Clarifications & Extrapolations_SIZ Ki : A chart that shows the range and relation between SIZ, ENC, weight, and length. The length is taken ... [more] (2.17 MB) June 7th, 2011 111 0
BRP Character Builder Spreadsheet BRP Character Builder Spreadsheet : This spreadsheet is designed to assist players in creating characters for the Basic Roleplaying Syst ... [more] (210.0 KB) May 16th, 2011 415 0
Uncounted Worlds 2 - with cover Uncounted Worlds 2 - with cover : As requested, PDF version including the cover. This was compressed with Acrobat to keep the file siz ... [more] (513.8 KB) December 16th, 2010 365 0
Uncounted Worlds Issue 2 Uncounted Worlds Issue 2 : *sigh* corrected version without a couple of typos I should have caught earlier!! (788.9 KB) December 14th, 2010 283 0
Uncounted Worlds issue 1 Uncounted Worlds issue 1 :  (3.99 MB) December 14th, 2010 446 0
RuneQuest 3rd Edition Errata RuneQuest 3rd Edition Errata : The official errata for Avalon Hill's RuneQuest 3rd Edition boxed set. (123.0 KB) November 20th, 2010 229 1
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