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Uploaded by Vile - November 25th, 2010
Author Author Steve Perrin
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By kind permission of the man himself, I give you - SPQR Chapter 1: Characters!

I suspect some of you may have heard of Steve Perrin. Well, in case you thought he'd gone away, he is still working on his ongoing quest for RPG perfection, SPRQ. It has evolved away from RuneQuest somewhat, although you can still clearly see its ancestry. You can download the first chapter as a preview from his website, and you can pay $25 for ongoing updates on the rules and the game world. There is quite a stack of material already, and there are updates to the character chapter.

One point to note is that the email address on the website is outdated - if you're going to paypal him, use instead. If you've ordered via the old address before, try the new one!

And while you're there (or on Facebook), give him a poke and get him to update his website!




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