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D100II SRD 1.3

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Uploaded by Vile - September 25th, 2011
Author Author Michael Thomas
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Once upon a time a bunch of people on the Gringle's Pawnshop RQ2 forums said, "It's great that all those classic adventures and supplements are available again in PDF form, courtesy of those Moon Design chaps. But wouldn't it be great if there was also a set of rules that you can use to play those games out-of-the-box, without having to splash out on eBay?"

Well, that day was little over a year ago, and here is the first step in realising that daydream: the D100II SRD. Written under the OGL, using the MRQ1 SRDs, this is an editable document which you can use to tweak into your very own house-ruled D100 rulebook, to write your own classic-style adventures, or just to play those re-released classics without having to convert from another D100 rule set.

This is intended to be a living document, so please contact me with any errata or suggestions you might have: dreamscape5000 AT gmail DOT com. You can keep up with the progress on the Dreamscape Blog.

And, if you like this stuff - well, stay tuned for AEONS ...




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