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  1. Would anyone like me to release a new version of Reptilians of Legend? I'm looking at increased player character and Games Master options for our scaly friends, along with a few new surprises altogether.

    I gave orcs a pretty good treatment in The Blood Path, and I hope I did them honour - I just want to give Saurians, Lizard Folk and Serpent People the same treatment.

    Among other things I have lined up: Saurian deities and cults; Lizard Folk shamanism; Serpent People cults and orders. Typical spells, including sorcery spells I'm borrowing from my contribution to Spells of Legend and a few ideas I'm borrowing from Arcania of Legend: Blood Magic.

    For all of them, more detailed information on cultural backgrounds, career options and so on.

    And perhaps new stuff altogether, and maybe - with a little inspiration - a surprise or two.

    Anyone interested in this?
  2. Gods, somebody give me a commission to write a canon Mongoose Legend book!
  3. Watch for my next document, a Legend adventure based on a dream I had recently. You'll need Legend Core Rulebook and Monsters of Legend. Optionally, you'll need Cities of Legend: Skarr, City of Orcs, though it's not necessary.
  4. So far, I have published two documents here - Potion Creation In Legend and Reptilians of Legend. If I have any more ideas for Open Content documents for Legend, I'll write them up and publish them here. Enjoy, and please give me feedback.
  5. Welcome. If you've got White Wolf's Hunter: the Vigil core rulebook, or the Night Stalkers supplement for H:tV or World of Darkness: Dogs of War, you'll be familiar with some of my writings. I've also written articles for Mongoose Traveller, including "Old Flames" and "The Thing In The Pit" which have appeared in Signs & Portents Magazine. I have now turned my attentions to Mongoose's Legend title.
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Creations - Artificial Servitors in Legend : Creations - Familiars; Homunculi created by alchemy; animates - mechanical servitors created by sorc ... April 23rd, 2012 193
Potion Creation in Legend : Rules for potion creation in the Legend roleplaying game. February 29th, 2012 234
Reptilians of Legend : Saurians, Lizard People, Snake People, Ophidians - all the scaly monsters hitherto left out of Legen ... March 17th, 2012 557
Carbide Weapons in Legend : Carbide firearms, using a different technology not based on black powder. For alternative Legend cam ... July 2nd, 2012 136
The Blood Path - Preview : A preview of The Blood Path, an orcish adventure for Mongoose Legend by Alex Greene. January 23rd, 2013 134