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Thread: Hessarat's Treasure - New RQ6 Scenario!

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    Default Hessarat's Treasure - New RQ6 Scenario!

    Hessaret's Treasure - a brand new scenario for RQ6!

    Thereís something rotten in the town of Advent
    Hessaret's Treasure - a brand new RQ6 scenario, now available for PDF download

    Advent - the last civilised place in The Realm before one crosses into the barbarian lands of The Long Riding. Many years ago this was a lawless place of warring clans and murderous bandits. Advent has grown since then, but little has changed. It still attracts the dregs, the runaways, the refugees, the desperate, the unforgiven.

    Perhaps this is why Zarand and his gang of robbers thought Advent was a good place to lie-low. To plan the next job. To find the fabled treasure hoard of the barbarian chief, Hessaret.

    But naturally, nothing is ever so simple.

    This might just be Zarandís last job...

    Hessaretís Treasure is a RuneQuest 6th Edition scenario set in The Realm, the lands described in Book of Quests. It provides a side chapter for that campaign or, as is intended, a scenario in its own right. While useful, Book of Quests is not essential to play, and this scenario can be easily slotted into many fantasy campaign settings.

    48 pages, interactive PDF.
    The Design Mechanism: Publishers of RuneQuest 6th Edition

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    Awesome! Will this eventually be published in paper? and just wondering any possibility of a magazine (paper or .pdf) with short adventures and other supporting articles for RuneQuest 6?

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