Having just read the above books, and not having seen the film, I am inclined to start to sketch out a campaign for my group based on these stories. I will be starting the players in a small town where hey will all be ex high-school friends going on a weeks hunting trip in a lodge. On return to there town they will find the start of a Z outbreak. I am hoping to not let the PCs be aware of the nature of the campaign until we begin playing, I will drop hints that this may well be a modern day Cthulhu game initially.

I am fairly au fait with the BRP rules having used them to run an 'Only War' 40K campaign as well as homebrew Steampunk.

My question to the forum is how to simulate the effects of a zombie bite in the game without making it too deadly. In the books any bite is eventually deadly. My first thoughts would be to give the bite a POT that would stack with each bite over a time period allowing some survivability for the PCs if they get nicked in a small battle.

The second issue is how to determine Z stats. I think that STR/CON/SIZ will remain as for a human. DEX will become D6 with INT fixed. Attacks would be grapple only at a fixed 25% or so to simulate the slow movement of the creature.

For HP I was thinking of doubling the values for all body parts apart from the head allowing the zombie to function normally until the body part reached zero. This would be to simulate the lack of pain etc.

In the books the Zs moan could damage the morale and SAN of the humans. Not really sure how to model this unless making a single Z's moan not too much of an issue but add penalties with numbers and duration.

Anyone else done something similar and/or any ideas gratefully received?