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Thread: Stormbringer 1e v. 4e v. MRQII Elric

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    Default Stormbringer 1e v. 4e v. MRQII Elric

    I have Stormbringer's rules from the boxed set, the 4e rulebook and MRQII + Elric of Melnbone. Which one do you think fits the Young Kingdoms best? I mainly ask because, whichever I'm convinced of is the one I'll be using as a reference for my demon binding rules.

    I have read them all at points, but only played 1e.

    I also had a random question: I've seen Conan written up with a 15 STR, and Elric has a 25 on drugs or with Stormbringer. Elric is twice as strong as Conan? And it seems like Conan is more than twice as strong as ordinary men, is 15 accurate?
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