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Thread: Is Cacodemon a Remnant of the Devil or his Army?

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    Default Is Cacodemon a Remnant of the Devil or his Army?

    So, there is a document on Moondesign which says,
    Cacodemon is a remnant of the army of Wakboth, the Devil. When their master was crushed under the Spike during the War of the Gods Cacodemon and other demons remained alive and embodied. They traveled widely, sowing disorder and trouble wherever they went, proving to be useful additions to the forces of Chaos.
    And elsewhere I read, in anothet place at Moondesign,
    A cacodemon is a demonic remnant of the Devil, left over when Wakboth was smashed by the Block, a massive slab of truestone, in Prax. These beings more resemble huge monsters than demigods
    Are either, neither or both of these canon explanations? My main reason for asking is because I want to give the Devil proper his own cult, and I figured that a cult based on a piece of Wakboth would be a good template.

    Also, is there a canon description of the Devil? I've seen two pieces of art, both good, but very different. In each the Devil has multiple arms, in Mike Perry's version it's a sort of Faustian devil with some AD&D demon on top. In the other one (whose origin I do not know, but it's a full color modern piece) he kinda looks like a buff lion version of a displacer beast (which is really badass IMO).
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