Over the past year or so, I have been working on several Legend supplements, and have reached the point where I need some help to continue.

The text has been completed on at least two supplements, but I need help on content, proof-reading, editing, layout and illustrations.

So, I am looking for people to assist in the following areas:
  • Content Answering the following questions: Is it suitable for publication? What shouldn't be included? What extra needs to be included? What needs changing?
  • Proof-reading Correcting any grammatical errors, typos and inconsistencies.
  • Editing Cutting down and reformatting of the text (I may think I am perfect, but others quite rightly disagree)
  • Layout Apparently, dumping it from Word isn't the right way to do the layout, so I need someone who knows what they are doing.
  • Illustrations I cannot draw, but I can do some rudimentary diagrams and maps, so I need people who can give me small drawings (Black and White preferred) to illustrate the text.

Payment would be in the form of a free copy of the supplement, plus a share of any profits the supplements make. I would not expect this to be particularly high, though.

If anyone is interested, please contact me at soltakss@yahoo.com for more information.

The Legend supplements in the pipeline are:
  • The Land of Ice and Stone (Roleplaying in the Old Stone Age around 40,000 BC)
  • The Dark Isles (Britain during the Dark Ages)
  • The Dark Isles Companion(Cults and places of the Dark Isles)
  • Legend Sci-Fi (A Sci-Fi conversion of the Legend Rules)
  • Robyn Hode (Using Robin Hood with Legend)