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Thread: Decided on BRP as my Core d100

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    Default Decided on BRP as my Core d100

    I decided to venture into d100 recently, and with a stack of practically every variation printed or OGL I went over them, creating a character and looking over magic and battle rules.
    In the end, I came down to three systems for use as my core: BRP BGB, RuneQuest 6 or OpenQuest. I eliminated OpenQuest because I like skills by weapon and hit locations and adding them on seemed like superfluous work when I had 6 other games with those features. RuneQuest 6 intruiged me, but the combat seemed a wee bit too cinematic for me, on the other hand I do like the Cult system of RQ6. What ultimately decided it was the list of equivalent skills in the back of the BGB, which makes it easier to put creatures and features from other d100 games. I will, however, be using RQ6 cults essentially RAW.
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