GURPS Powers: Divine Favor is a supplement written by Jason "PK" Levine for GURPS and published by Steve Jackson Games in January of 2011. It describes itself this way in its introduction...

a self-contained power framework for such characters, known as paragons, which allows them to pray for aid. Depending on the paragon’s standing in his deity’s eyes, the answer may be anything from a moment of bolstered self-confidence to a plague capable of decimating a city! A worshiper can learn specific prayers, each one a “holy hotline” to a particular type of miracle – or just trust the god to send whatever help he sees fit.
Basically what PK did was take the standard GURPS advantage "Patron" and apply it to God (or a specific god) being the character's patron and the Patron reaction roll becomes the basis for the activation of prayers (divine spells). Other than having to change the roll from 3d6 to d100 I need to figure out how a character can buy in to this power and how to calculate the skill level for this.

I don't believe that any deeper understanding of GURPS Powers: Divine Favor but if you do have access to it and are commenting with that deeper understanding I'd appreciate you state that in your reply. Also, please advise if you feel I'm recreating the wheel, just can't find anything in BRP/RQ/etc that has the same feel as this.