I think I'm going to post house rules to the forum. A previous example would be the Lucky Trinkets, Heirlooms and Named Items thread. For the most part, you'll need access to the original material to utilize my tweaks. Up in the series is Sorcery (specifically Demon Summoning) and Alchemy. I think they fall far enough away from how the systems are handled in the published material to make it somewhat worth reading. Feed back is welcome.

Some of these are in various states of playtesting but in general I've been tooling around with them for a while so I decided it was time to let them wild.

Wizardry (Magic)
These rules apply to both the BGB and the magic system in Classic Fantasy. They exist to enhance the caster's spell skill level and to allow guidelines for magical Enchantments.

Spell Components
A well prepared wizard knows that success in magic means having the right tools. An invaluable tool are spell components. Spellcasting can be augmented by using spell components to manipulation of the Laws of Sympathetic Magic. By using items that align the caster with the spell, the spell's target or the intended outcome of the spell they can give a small boost to their casting ability.

Laws of Sympathetic Magic
Contagion - Once in Contact, Always in Contact
Similarity - The Image Equals the Object

Selecting spell components for a spell is a process of making connections using the Laws of Sympathetic Magic as a guide. The item should have some connection to the spell. Cobwebs would help in a spell of Spider Climb. Fresh ashes would help with a Fireball spell. Many of these ingredients are present in the wizard's environment or can be found inexpensively. However if the wizard invests in the items, searching for rare components or very specific components that take effort to come by, their magic can be significantly augmented.

Bonuses are generally arranged as such; +5%, +10%, +15%, +20%. A component that is very effective once might be less effective other times depending on the situation and how it changes. As a rule, individual components will generally be worth a +5%, occasionally a +10%. Anything higher is more rare.

Components may be combined in the casting of a spell and their skill bonuses stack up to a total of +20%. A wizard may use one component and cast on his INT (DEX) Rank. A second component sets the casting back 5 INT (DEX) Ranks. A third component sets the caster back another 5 INT (DEX) Ranks. If a wizard uses four basic components in a round to stack his +5% bonuses up to a +20% they will be going at a -15 INT (DEX) Rank. Sometimes this pushes them into the next round, depending on their Intelligence.

Note: when I play and a PC or NPC is casting a spell I have their spell go off on the INT rather than their DEX. I just count down INT and DEX at the same time. This is different from published rules but I find it works well for me and I like how it affects combat. Actually, I've added options to the Initiative system incorporating held actions and quick actions. I need to check my notes to make sure I write them down correctly, but I'll add them to this thread when I have a chance.

So that's the short bit. Enchantments are up next and that's more involved.