Hello Fellow Geeks!

I am a seasoned geek who has played and mastered many role-playing games over the years. My current favorites are Savage Worlds and Vampire the Masquerade (none of this newfangled Requiem business.) I love V:tM for the atmosphere and flavorful setting and Savage Worlds for its ease of preparation and support of multiple genres. I do not like "new wave" RPG's like FATE or Cortex because I believe that the meta functions those systems provide are things that should be in place by default with a good group.

Despite nearly two decades of rolling bones, I've never come across a d100 game group or had much reason to explore that system. However, I have been looking to go back to my roots with a medium rules complexity fantasy RPG that supports a Tolkienesque feel with a touch of swords and Sorcery mixed in. I love exploration and adventure with moderate action. I dislike running focused dungeon crawls for more than a quick diversion. I spotted Magic World on Amazon at a steal of a price, read the interesting description, and armed with a bit of extra Christmas cash I placed an order for a print copy.

As a complete newbie to d100 in general and Magic World specifically, can some veterans tell me how it plays? What themes and styles do the rules support? Will the magic system support subtle magic or is it all sparkles and flash (I HATE Vancian magic systems)? I've read the BRP quick start PDF for a taste, so I know the basic rules of task resolution. What I am most interested in is simply advice, stories, and discussion with those who have played this game.