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    Default Call for writers - 7e organisations book

    Sixtystone Press is looking for new investigator organisations for new investigators to join. In Seventh edition, an organisation is a reason for an investigator to belong and to investigate. Organisations rationalise character introductions and sometimes give benefits to their members.

    The Seventh edition Investigators’ Book has some sample organisations; however Sixtystone’s Organisation Book will have more than 50 that you can use ‘as is’ or customise to suit your group’s requirements.

    Sixtystone is looking for submissions for investigator-orientated organisations for this book. Sixtystone is throwing open the submission process to any one who is interested: whether experienced published author or fresh newbie.

    We are looking for fresh new ideas and exciting ways of allowing investigators to work together. The organisations can be for any era: Invictus, Gaslight, Twenties or Modern; although we expect most submissions to be for the Twenties setting. We encourage authors to provide advice for use in different eras where possible.

    Sixtystone welcome submissions from non-English language writers so long as they are in English. We hope to present a number of non-Anglophone organisations if submissions are sufficient.

    If you are interested in writing for Sixtystone and this project, just send an email to Sixtystone Press with the subject line: Organisation Book Interest. Emails not using this subject line will be ignored.

    Thank you for your interest and good luck.
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