What settings/rule sets have you ported into BRP? Just curious how any experiments with other settings operate using BRP rules.

Settings/Rule sets I have experimented with:
D20...BRP makes combat so much faster, but has a tendency to reduce the overall power level of characters.
Marvel Super Heroes...with some issues, pretty much makes it unplayable as I have it right now I would just use Superworld, but a lot of the high end stuff does not model well into BRP without making the game ridiculously lethal
Battlestar Galactica
Fuzion/Champions...a good mid power superpower campaign can be built from this
Dark Conspiracy
DC Adventures...with some issues
LUGTrek... I am not happy with it after years of working with it. LUGTrek is so self contained, it is hard to unravel parts of it for BRP and still have the same flavor of game.
GURPS...but very clunky
Traveller, although I pretty much just use T20 and then translate from D20 to BRP
Palladium...almost no difference in game play experience
Recon...no difference in game play
Shadowrun...the game plays almost the same, but it is slightly more lethal
D6 Star Wars...translated to D20, then to BRP
Star Wars D20...plays very well, but it makes Force Users a bit overpowered
Terran Trade Authority
Twilight 2000
Warhammer 40K...still a work in progress, after like 8 years, I an just not happy with it
Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Only War/Deathwatch/Dark Crusade...pretty easy conversion, but a lot more lethal in BRP
World of Darkness...takes a lot of work to translate characters, but plays well enough.