Would anyone like me to release a new version of Reptilians of Legend? I'm looking at increased player character and Games Master options for our scaly friends, along with a few new surprises altogether.

I gave orcs a pretty good treatment in The Blood Path, and I hope I did them honour - I just want to give Saurians, Lizard Folk and Serpent People the same treatment.

Among other things I have lined up: Saurian deities and cults; Lizard Folk shamanism; Serpent People cults and orders. Typical spells, including sorcery spells I'm borrowing from my contribution to Spells of Legend and a few ideas I'm borrowing from Arcania of Legend: Blood Magic.

For all of them, more detailed information on cultural backgrounds, career options and so on.

And perhaps new stuff altogether, and maybe - with a little inspiration - a surprise or two.

Anyone interested in this?