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Thread: Just a silly rant about silly things (like the names of things)

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    Default Just a silly rant about silly things (like the names of things)

    It's late, I'm tired. This may be a silly thing (especially since I have yet to play these games)... I'm seeing what looks like a trend that I don't like and I want to start an official petition to stop it. And, that is, the use of the term "athletics" as a skill in a FANTASY-based game. Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop it people. lol

    For example, and I won't give the name of the game, some game that rhymes with Shroomquest decided it would be funny to lump "jumping, climbing, swimming, and throwing" all together under "athletics" while simultaneously making it a point to be so detailed as to require it's players to use hit points per location. What an odd combination.

    Do you guys have any idea how different climbing is from swimming? There are some amazing swimmers that can barely waddle on land. Some Olympic lifters can jump pretty high, but they aren't the best runners (putting it mildly), especially "over any distance".

    Also, do you know how hard it is for me to get the picture of a Gorgon wearing Reeboks out of my head? Gorgons are NOT.... athletic. They can swim maybe, and slither quickly...
    I dunno. And "brawn" when you already have a strength attribute? If someone can't apply their strength, then how would you know they were "strong?" But I digress. Such detailed distinctions... STR vs "brawn", hit locations.... "athletics". lol Lace up those Nike Air's Mr dragon and gimme 50!!

    Sounds petty, I know, but "athletics" is like the first skill I read under a lot of these monsters' descriptions. Starts with an 'a' I guess. And what's the deal with making skills not end in a '0' or '5' about? Okay, I'll shut up now. Goodnight.

    (If anything about this is inaccurate, just gimme the ol' "what fer". I'm half-way silly... no, but seriously!)

    EDIT: WHOOPS!! Swimming IS separate! My bad. lol Okay, but I still think the rest need to be broken out and the term "athletics" not used cuz it sounds funny on monsters. Kinda immersion breaking for me. I'm having trouble getting my 'mersion on.
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