I'm new to this forum but not to D100. I've been playing this game since 1980 when I got tired of OD&D and dungeon crawls. Of course now I know I could have played D&D without dungeon crawling, but I did'nt make that connection then. But I still have always prefered a skill based system to a level based one. I ran RQ2 for years until Stormbringer came out. That game and the later Elric rules became my go to system for my homebrews. I'm stuck in A d20 gaming group at the moment, and was running a 4ed D&D game, which was'nt that bad of a game. It was actualy easy to GM on the fly with little game prep once I figured out how to make a shorthand for npc's and monsters. The problem with 4th ed D&D was on the players side for my games, they suffered from what I called decision paralysis. They just had too many options to choose from and took way to long thinking on there turns. This made any combat grind to a halt waiting for each player to make up ther mind on what they want to do. When they got to 14th level one encounter would take all night. So because of this I closed that campaign after a short discusion with them, they agreed to let me run A d100 game. My game of choice this time around will be Openquest 2 because this is the game I wanted RQ2 to be. For me these rules are close to perfect for my play style, simple,clean and easy to understand and play. Thank you Newt and all the other people who helped make that game possible, I just wish I was around when this got started I would have loved to had the oppertunity to kibizt.

So thats all I have to say for now, thank you for your time