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    Monograph BRP Star Wars - Dawn of Defiance Campaign

    After a long period of not working on this I have after getting into one of my Star Wars moods picked upp my previous project to convert the whole Dawn of Defiance Campaign. After dabbling with the wealth system for other campaigns I have discovered a better way to get more reasonable values when converting equipment lists and such so I have updated the Equipment List in the Primer. Will also go back and do a quick update on each of the adventures before I really get started on Episode IV.

    Below I will keep updated links on the downloadable files:

    Star Wars Character Sheet (Usable for any BRP Star Wars game)

    Star Wars Primer (Usable for any BRP Star Wars game)

    The Traitor's Gambit - Dawn of Defiance Episode I

    A Wretched Hive - Dawn of Defiance Episode II

    The Queen of Air and Darkness - Dawn of Defiance III

    Echoes of the Jedi - Dawn of Defiance IV (Work in Progress)
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