Hey guys!

One of my player's character has a cat and I'm trying to write down its stats. My player intend to bring him in a D&D like adventure and, after all, it will be very funny to have some combats with it!

This is a cat, so it is supposed to have few hit points because it is little. But here, I noticed a problem with the rules. Little creatures, to have few hit points, also have a low Constitution score. See the venomous snake description for instance (Big Golden Book, page 338).

For Hit points, this is not a problem. But it is for all the rest. Because it means that little creatures are necessary sickly. Feeble Stamina, feeble resistance to poisons, feeble resistance to illnesses, etc.

I a snake, or a cat, or any other little creatures necessarily supposed to be much sicklier than a human? Aren't creatures who survive in wilderness without any medicine not supposed to be healthier than humans, to the contrary?