I've got a question about opponents with weapons with different weapon length. I read the rules on p. 92, but I am not sure how it works.

It states "Armed with a medium or short hand-to-hand weapon [...] he cannot attack until successfully dodging."

What if the attacker with the long weapon doesn't succeed in his attack roll? The defender with the short weapon wouldn't have to make a dodge roll, so he can't attack on his turn? Or can he automatically slip inside the guard of the long-weapon user?

In addition I fear with these rules there will be lots of attacking and dodging just to change who of the opponents is possible to attack the other.

I tried to use the rule once but when it didn't work out (the short-weapon user practically unable to attack the long-weapon user), I skipped it and now I am working on some house rules. But maybe I just didn't got how the rule is supposed to work.