Here is another thread about animals... Yes, that is the first time I pay enough attention to them to need their full stats. And the answers to my previous thread about little creatures constitution were so bright (thanks to everyone) that I don't hesitate to post this new one.

So, here we are...

Though there is no doubt than the amount of damage inflicted by a character is linked to his strength (I prefer standing a little child punch in the stomach than the one of a 7' and 300 lbs muscle man), the damage bonus system sometimes gives very strange results.

A horse (big golden book page 336), for instance, is far much stronger than a wolf (big golden book page 340). No doubt with that. So, logically, he has a huger damage bonus (horse: +2D6; wolf: None) And as long as it is for kicks, there is no problem with that. A wolf kick may harm, but not as much as a horse's hoof blow.

But now, suppose that our horse bites. He does much more damage than the wolf!

  • Horse biting damage: 1D3 + 1/2 DB = 1D3 + 1D6. Range, 2 to 9; average 5 to 6.
  • Wolf biting damage: 1D8 + 1/2 DB = 1D8. Range 1 to 8; average 4 to 5.

I do agree with the fact that a horse biting can be harmful. It can even sever a finger. But this still has nothing to do with a wolf's bite! Wolves kill with their jaws. Horses don't.