I am thinking of incorporating two rules into my BRP Superworld game, one from BRP Central forums and one from Yogsothoth.com but I would like people's input into how the two are likely to combine. Both changes are to speed up combat and reduce calculations by the players.

1) Opposed rolls do not go to the person with the highest level of success but to the person with the highest roll which is still a success.
E.g. 80% attack vs 60% dodge. Attacker rolls 61%, dodger rolls 10%, attacker gets higher roll and hits. This ignores special rolls, levels of success etc on contested rolls.

2) I'll quote part of the forum entry:
"But if you want more predictability and less failure, just roll percentiles but allow the player to choose which die to take as tens, and which as units. This would give your character with 60% Drive only a 16% chance of failure or thereabouts. A relative beginner with 30% skill would have about 50:50. Won't suit everyone, but might be worth considering."
Much better chance of succeeding but player has to decide which is it better to use. Example above, attacker would get a special result if he reverses his attack roll (uses 16 instead of 61) but runs the risk of opponent dodging the attack more easily.

The roll becomes a curve with successes enhanced and failures reduced, suiting a Superworld type game.

Opinions please?