One of the tropes of some of the fantasy I've read or watched is intelligent (sometimes hyper-intelligent) is dragons who can, through learned magic or innate ability, assume human form and live a good portion of their lives that way. The Golden and Ancient Dragons of the anime series Slayers are an example: a Golden Dragon is a major character in the third series and when interacting with the other characters usually does it as human (although sometimes her tail sticks out of her skirt when she's upset, she otherwise looks very human). Taking a human form does make dealing with humans easier (if nothing else they aren't as likely to flee in terror or attack at first sight of you) and enables many activities that dragons who are only dragon-formed would find more difficult (like using their hoard for investment banking -- sooner or later everyone important will owe you money and/or favors, and woe to the King or merchant prince who tries to default!).

What would such a character look like in BRP? And is there a way to build a somewhat less experienced one (like the dragon mentioned above, who was young, inexperienced and naive to a fault) as a player-character (an older one would probably overwhelm the rest of the party in terms of spotlight time, and is better as an NPC adversary or patron)?