Last year I ran a couple of hangout games using Roll20 in other systems. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes there were issues. I'd like to take part in an online BRP game sometime, possibly as the GM. That's true for a lot of systems, actually -- between not having money to travel and not having good transportation for a local game it's starting to develop some appeal.

Now there's an official "set" for BRP available for Fantasy grounds, one of the leading virtual tabletops. The problem is the expense; the Full GM license for FGII and the BRP module will set me back almost $60 if I get them both at the same time. I don't know that I can make that investment unless there's a reasonably certainty I'd get to use it. By contrast, the monthly fee for Roll20 does not contain any game system material, but does let me use the various play and GM functions. Although I have a learning curve there too.

So how hard is it to learn and use Fantasy Grounds? Is the BRP support any good?