Heh. I'm looking to tune OQ2 to the tastes of a specific group. Specifically, they like high fantasy, getting into trouble, but really don't deal with PC death (or tactics ...) well. Avoiding the commentary of helping them to grow / learn otherwise ... tweaks I'm considering to OQ in rolling out a new campaign include:

  • Total Hit Points. Suggested to me a few times by my good friend Ben. PC (and major NPC) hit points at the total of CON + SIZ.
  • Hero Points. Upgrading the OQ Hero Points to include some of the ideas from Astounding Adventures. The main tweak is allowing avoidance of death by returning next scene (or as appropriate) at 1/2 hit points. Also, increasing the number of Hero Points from 2 (with limited burn) to maybe 4 - 5 (refreshed each game).
  • Luck Roll. Adding the old BRP Luck Roll at POW x 5. Enabled for PC proactive use via Hero Points (use Luck roll in place of a Skill check for one).
  • Major Wounds. I'm still undecided on this - with Total Hit Points, it becomes less threatening, while still adding punch and danger to the combat sequences.

Other thoughts or ideas?

Many thanks!