Hi folks,

Just got back into roleplaying recently after many years out and as it was my turn to have a bash at being GM picked out Clockwork and Chivalry as it looked good and is in a period of history that interests me. Just a couple of questions as I am new to all this D100 stuff.

1.) Resist rolls against spells - are these opposed rolls or not? Mainly for resilience and persistence as Dodge seems ok to run unopposed as you only get one per round and it would be churlish to give you another way of failing it. Noticed that some spells in witchcraft give penalties for a success (For to cause great fear as an example).

2.) Zero hit points - Out for the count or still able to swing a sword (albeit at a penalty) - currently am allowing resilience roll each round, first fail fall down, second fail pass out.

Cheers for the help in advance - will probably have more questions in future as they crop up.